Talent and Personality

Post by Grace and Walter H, January, 2016
Talent Personality

My Husband has been troubled with his aids for it seems like forever, till Kelsie looked at them and changed the tube. He has great hearing since, cannot say enough good things about her talent and personality.


First Class

Post by B. Shulze, May, 2016

Dear Mr. Rafferty, Thank you for your letter on choosing your MIRACLE EAR in Willow Grove for my new hearing aids. I have had hearing aids for a little more than three weeks now and I am very, very satisfied. Not only with the outstanding product you offer, but also making me realize what I was missing. However, the best part of this entire experience is and was dealing with the extremely highly professional staff YOU have assembled in Willow Grove. It is the “BEST” I have encountered in a very long time or maybe “EVER” Starting with GAIN STANTON, when you first walk into the center, how she makes you feel right at home and at ease. SCOTT LUCAS, his knowledge and professionalism, he is always ready to answer any questions and wants to make certain that everything is just right. And of course LISA LUCAS, whom I have spent the most time with, is the “GREATEST”, her attitude and caring personality, which overshadows her knowledgeable and professional demeanor. She goes out of her way to make sure everything is just right and that the customer understands everything, and listens to ALL of your questions and concerns. I just can’t say enough about her, except that I am very lucky to have her as my consultant. I don’t think I have ever dealt with a person like Lisa, what a pleasure, she is the “BEST”. I thank you again for your “outstanding” staff and for making my experience so unbelievable and absolutely “FIRST CLASS”. I am so glad that I shoes MIRACLE EAR in Willow Grove. Sincerely & God bless


Post by Betty H, February, 2016
Happy Wonderful

I am so happy with my Miracle-Ear hearing aid! I can now hear my Grandkids. The service has been a wonderful experience, Kelsie and Kathy are so caring and nothing is ever too much for them. I highly recommend everyone to become one of the many satisfied customers.


Post by Pat P, February, 2016
Amazed Skilled

I was having some issues with my aid and Kelsie preformed an annual hearing test and adjusted my aid. Kelsie spent a lot of time getting my aid adjusted perfectly and now I can hear so much better. Kelsie is amazing! Thank You

On Top Of Their Game

Post by Elaine, May, 2016
Pleased First Time

I have been a very pleased client of Miracle-Ear for over five years. Everyone here has been on “top of their game” yet is always friendly!! They are very patient with someone who is wearing hearing aids for the first time. That is a BIG plus in my book too!